High-quality graphic design software is something that everyone can use. From professional marketers who are designing corporate logos to Pinterest moms who want to make the most out of family photos, the right software is the key to completing thousands of different types of projects. These software packages can be very expensive but smart consumers know that they can get many of the same features from free or almost-free software programs.


Just as the name suggests, SVG is an outstanding Scalable Vector Graphics program. This program is packed with features, including the ability to render images for the web and the ability to edit documents. The code, itself, is modifiable which is a great feature for the advanced techie.


This open source vector graphics editing program is available for free to those looking for an easy to use graphics software package. Comparable to Illustrator but without the burdensome price, this is a great choice for people who are looking for an Illustrator-like program. This program is stocked with features that are usually found in more expensive programs and the interface is very user-friendly and easy to learn.


Serif has developed a 2D vector graphics editing program named DrawPlus. The in-program brushes are extremely realistic and allow for a very natural finalized product that can resemble oil, water color or a variety of other mediums. DrawPlus also afford the user with the opportunity to make 3D objects by extrusion. It is a great piece of free software.


The Google chart tool by Google Developers is a must-have program for anyone who uses a lot of charts and graphs. Simply input your data or import it from a spreadsheet and the program creates an attractive graphic for you. You can use the graphic on its own or easily insert into a document or a presentation slide.


Easel.ly is a great option for people who want to create stunning infographics. It is still in its infancy and the developers have a great deal of work to do until the software is available in its final form but it is very usable for those who are looking for a free program to meet their infographic creation needs. Choose your theme, your image components and your text and let the software do the rest.


Infogr.am is an online program that is handy for chart, graph and infographic creation. Because it is housed entirely online, users are free to upload their own personal images or to link to others on the web. It is not as feature packed as some other programs but its drag and drop interface gives it a user friendly appeal.

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