China’s unique 5,000-year-old culture will soon be enjoyed by globe

DreamEast  Beijing Vitality Center

Looking at the state of China, one could easily make the case that the economic powerhouse has become irked and frustrated by the fact that Western culture, particularly that of the United States, has dominated the globe since the Second World War. Everything from music to film, books to TV shows, the entire planet is engulfed in American culture. China may end this soon.

China and the U.S. enjoy a fruitful economic and financial partnership, despite the influx of reports stating that the two countries are on the brink of some type of war, either cyber or nuclear. Although China would like to reign supreme in the global economy, both nations lean on each other for their own growth. China wants to sell its products, the U.S. wants to buy its products.

There is no doubt that the American influence will no longer be as invasive as it once was. China will soon follow the path of the U.S., Great Britain and the Roman Empire. China’s economy and culture will flood the globe’s business environment and pop culture. Heck, the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) recent acceptance of the Chinese yuan renminbi into its basket of currencies was just the first step of the nation’s inevitable transformation and rise to the top of the mountain.

Businesses and wealthy individuals with a Chinese affiliation have been popping up all over the U.S. as well as other corners of the globe. Moreover, American private firms have been stationing operations in Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai and elsewhere across the Asian hub. They realize how important China is becoming to streamlining their own operations.

Whether it’s real estate or purchasing of American assets, China’s presence is ubiquitous. And soon we will learn a lot more about China’s culture with the likes of DreamEast and others similar to it. Soon, we’ll be more intimate with China than just the “Made in China” labels on our electronics, clothing or snowglobes we’ve become accustomed to.

DreamEast is an emerging cultural industry behemoth and is establishing Chinese culture-related entertainment projects worldwide. This experience, which will feature entertainment and fashion, will assist consumers in appreciating the charms of China’s cultural heritage that dates back 5,000 years. Theme parks, animation films and art shows will seep into the conscious minds of the world, and will be as prevalent as a Starbucks or a Disney World thanks to the quick development or international deployment initiatives.

By establishing North American headquarter in Los Angeles, DreamEast offers more chances to let people all over the world learn Chinese splendid culture.

A simple search of “Chinese culture” on Google News will showcase just how dedicated the country is in informing the world that it, too, does have a culture that should be admired and embraced. Wine, religion and art are just some of the things be promoted outwards from within the country.

In the coming years, we’re going to know quite a bit about China of more than just “Made in China” stickers or currency devaluation. And one of the leaders of bridging China and the rest of the world will be DreamEast.

As financial guru Jim Rogers once said: the 19th century belonged to Great Britain, the 20th century belonged to the U.S. and the 21st century will belong to China.

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