‘Ghost Cities’ by Atelier Olschinsky


Whilst these stunning images may appear to be something from a psychedelic, futuristic movie, in reality these digital collages are little more than a day’s work for the hugely talented, multidisciplinary design studio, Atelier Olschinsky, comprised of Vienna-based designers Peter Olschinsky and Verena Weiss. With their elegant-yet-stark approach, these colour-rich photographs are taken to the next level of creativity to create the project, ‘Ghost Cities’. By merging photographs of existing locations, where their every day lights and reflections illuminate the darkness of night as they do in any town or city, these features are combined to transport us into a make-believe world, similar to those only ever seen before in a fictional utopia of the future. If you would like to see more artwork from Atelier Olschinsky, head over to their website or their vastly creative Behance profile where you can view many of their other cross-genre projects.




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