Kitchens Inspired – Elements (Earth, Wind, Ice, Fire)

Elements (Earth, Wind, Ice and Fire) are behind the idea of Caesarstone collaboration with world-renowned designer Tom Dixon. Tom Dixon’s vision is wrapped around these basic elements surrounding us and includes four semi-professional kitchens. New conceptual kitchen design is in line with an experimental food concept.

Each kitchen design is inspired by different element thus delivering to observers and users unique and memorable food experience. The Earth kitchen is inspired by the ancient Roman aqueducts and delivers earthy brown tones. It is made from assembled segments of petrified wood. The Fire kitchen is inspired by charred wood and smoke with conceptual experience of smoked and burned food through dark beams and hints of gold. The Ice kitchen, as name already point, is inspired by frozen chunks of ice with predominant white tones and jagged edges. And finally, Wind kitchen is inspired by urban exposures and vertical lines with tones of concrete grey in order to have an experience of an urban dessert bar.

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