Nymi: The Unique, Stylish, Heart-Utilising Alternative To Passwords


Canadian Entrepreneur Dr Karl Martin has expressed a distinct desire to initiate a period of innovation, aiming to revolutionise the way we use our identity in the digital and physical world. To create one smart product that would conciliate the issues of needing to remember passwords, hold large sets of keys, or fill our wallets with numerous cards is Dr Martin’s main ambition, and he believes his start-up company Bionym have created this product. The Nymi; a bracelet which utilises something truly unique – unlike your seemingly one of a kind fingerprints, facial features or retinas, which can all be ‘stolen’ or replicated. It relies entirely upon your electrocardiogram (or ECG for short) which is dependent on the size, position, and physiology of your heart, which provides a truly unique identity, emanating from inside your body.

The accompanying quote “Nymi knows who you are, and where you are” may seem slightly nightmare-inducing, or perhaps more-like something from A Space Odyssey, but the bracelet’s constant need for authentication is a key ingredient to its genius. Having put it on, and following a simple tap from the opposite hand to create a full circuit, Nymi continuously reevaluates who you are and where you are. Shooting signals from its many sensors, Nymi has the potential to connect to almost any digital device around you, meaning you could unlock your phone, car, house, or even make payments, needing nothing more than your beating heart and the Nymi on your wrist to make these fanciful actions a reality.

With secure authentication, an integrated motion sensor, proximity-based activation and seemingly endless possibilities to use these features on, Nymi makes it possible for your identity to actively shape the way you interact with the world around you. There are additional perks to the technology, with Dr Martin seemingly adamant that using the Nymi in bracelet-form is simply the start, with “a ring, a necklace, a waistband [or] anything with a clasp to make it clear it’s been taken off” all possible as future variants. Additionally, for anybody wary of their safety, should they own a Nymi, Dr Martin also assures that even by relieving you of your vital organ and Nymi product, the “liveness detection” means would-be thieves wouldn’t be able to access your information or identity.

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