Sharing The World With Karma Wi Fi


Most data plans are costly and often bulky, making accessing your information whilst away from your home broadband a real struggle. New York startup Karma has set out to revolutionise the way in which we use and share data. With Karma, you pay for data as you go, and take it with you on your 4G mobile hotspot. Karma rewards you for sharing, rewarding you with the data you share with others. Taking a traditional corporate business and putting the power with the people.

A Karma hotspot has an open Wi-Fi signal. Anyone around can connect to it. When they do you’ll both receive 100MB of free data. Social bandwidth is something completely different and gives progressive direction to the hotspot market.

The Karma team, built from a world where online sharing is at the core of digital media explain their motives behind the project:

When the people who provide online access stopped caring about you, we started. The internet is an amazing platform that has brought incredible innovation, yet the service connecting you to it is lacking progression. Unclear pricing. Uneffective support. Small print. We believe in totally different things.

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