Transform Any Bike Into A Smart Bike

Bikes tend to have a reputation of being unsafe and unclear when on the road. Helios is a product built to make riding beautiful whilst being integrated with great technology to make your ride a safe experience. The product consists of handlebars that have integrated lights, bluetooth, and GPS connectivity to

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‘Trasparenze Portraits’ by Emanuele Ronco

The sole purpose of traditional portraiture has always been to present a person in a particular light. Through their clothes, expressions and surroundings, the subject’s mood or stature is always intended to be at the forefront of the image. With these stunning portraits, made by a representative of the Italian Visual

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Semantic Symbol Fonts

The ingenious team over at Oak have created Symbolset. Designed for you to rid your vector and clip art symbols, Symbolset instead moulds them straight into a single and beautiful typeface. The sleek glyphs and type result in faster loading on web pages and cleaner code.

“There’s a magical

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Iconatomy by George Chamoun

George Chamoun, a Swedish artist, has created these beautiful artistic portraits combining the old and the new. His idea was to work with movie stars from two different eras. The project combines the anatomy of Hollywood stars and expresses the similarities even in two separate eras. According to the creator, the intention was

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