The strongest work of my career to date came about on a product released before it was finished. Features were incomplete, others un-styled, many missing altogether.

Nothing is more motivating than thousands

Why ship it early? Motivation.

Nothing is more motivating than thousands of people using your incomplete product. Bugs are fixed immediately. Designs that exist in Photoshop are live in two days, and their weaknesses will be pointed out immediately. Un-styled placeholder markup built by an engineer forces a designer to stop dragging his feet and design a real solution.

Being uncomfortable is a good thing. It means you’re aware of problems with your product and are motivated to fix them. Products that never see the light of day don’t make anyone uncomfortable.

“Art is never finished, only abandoned” — Leonardo Da Vinci

So if you have a great idea that needs some backing and support be sure to contact me.

Many others have and are thriving – see their ideas.

The world continues to evolve …

Highlights of My Site:

Food safety is a big deal these days and you can read about how it affects your immune system here is an amazing update to upstart tech company from Toronto, Canada – Fit Labs Testing.  You will be amazed at what is available for knowledge consumption about your own body today, especially with all the issues concerning concussion management.

I was recently on a trip to Asia and wanted to say the travel insurance from AXA in Singapore was amazing.  My flight was a bit of a nightmare but once I arrived safely in SG and got to discover the city I have to say I loved the place immensely.  The flight literally did my head in and made my teeth ache.  This is why I had to call on Kesteven Dental Care in Mission to work on my pain.

With my kids being of school age and breaking all promises by growing up at a rapid rate I want to focus a future post on a really hip company called High THC who are changing the game when it comes to dental office design and the overall experience of being in the dentist as a kid.  You will be both shocked and surprised by what you see.  My kid’s teacher is on a new tear and is insisting upon a storytelling workshop for all parents to bring back the lost art.

Last week I was tasked with reviewing all of the landscaping Richmond BC companies as my wife had this wild idea that we now need to add a huge water fountain to our already busy backyard.  Time to call in the experts – stay tuned for my upcoming blog article on the outcome.  While all of this work was going on I ended up having to get a private office in Vancouver at Suite Genius – it was amazing.

These days I have been watching closely as Canadians move toward legal ways that people can buy their weed online and the “dance” is fascinating amongst big business, government interests and established growers.  In the new year, I will be writing about a company from Kelowna called Shiva Buzz and how they are recreating how the marketing process works in the cannabis niche.  The country is getting excited and online entrepreneurs such as Get Kush, Bud365 and Xpress Grass are now up and running in advance of the oncoming “gold rush”.  One of the mindblowing aspects of those who are looking to buymyweedonline is the fact that the search volumes are totally off the charts and growing on a daily basis.

With so much emphasis on “screen time” that kids are focusing on their phones and forgetting to play the old fashioned way my plan in late 2018 is to write and research what is working today in terms of indoor playground equipment.  You will be motivated to pull your kids away from game consoles and pads and get them out there simply having fun again.  Not only are kids the ones who so love stories but so do adults.  There is a wave of storytelling workshops that are sweeping across the boardrooms of corporate America.  It seems that adults love to learn in the same way as kids so that is a really cool thread to focus on in the coming year.

My good friend Rael from BASI Pilates has asked me to reach out to my network about an upcoming Pilates Conference in 2019 that is going to be held in Newport Beach California.  My wife is an instructor and she and many others will be making the trip to the coast to take their Pilates businesses to the next level.  One of the top events for the participants will be to take the Blue Water Sports Fishing Charter to Catalina Island.  This is all laid out how they did it on my help with Shopify page.

I can see that in 2019 with all the info that gets sent to me it is crystal clear that I need to incorporate a serious marketing agency software to handle the workload.  I am in the throes of researching this field for an upcoming review article so stay tuned for my final vote of confidence.  While I am on the subject our head office will be moving to downtown Seattle.  The new location looks to be amazing and will have a spot where start-ups can pitch me on the latest ideas.  A big shout out to Level 5 Painting Contractors and Vancouver Carpet Cleaners for their tireless efforts in getting the place up to speed.  They had incredible help on all the old pipes in the loft-style location by Mr. Swirl Plumbing of Coquitlam.  To go green and get our staff to the new office we have a corporate bus and a skilled driver named Naziz who was trained at Columbia Drivers Training Center.

Note that on July 4th of this year our VP John Honda has suddenly passed and we are all shocked and saddened.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family who will be holding a Celebration of Life Vancouver venue at Dockside Restaurant on July 15.

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