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Kaleido – Infinite Candle Lights

Kaleido are kaleidoscope like one-way glass photophores which are projecting candle lights inside them to infinite reflections. This shimmering optical illusion designed by Arturo Erbsman Studio creates most astonishing visual effect that hits the very beginning and end of every second, showing us that infinity is something so close but

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Sofa Design Concept – Matrizia

Matrizia is innovative design concept where some ordinary objects like mattresses are used in totally different way. Matrizia is a mattress instead a sofa-sculpture, bringing together two leisure concepts, sleeping and sitting.

The whole idea was brought to life by Ron Arad totally by accident, as most great things ordinary do.

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Kitchens Inspired – Elements (Earth, Wind, Ice, Fire)

Elements (Earth, Wind, Ice and Fire) are behind the idea of Caesarstone collaboration with world renowned designer Tom Dixon. Tom Dixon’s vision is wrapped around these basic elements surrounding us and includes four semi-professional kitchens. New conceptual kitchen design is in line with an experimental food concept.

Each kitchen

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The Under Cover Camper – A Tent Like No Other

We all find it hard to leave our electronics at home in order to brave the great outdoors and go camping, but we still do it for the love of becoming one with nature, even if it’s just for a couple of days every year. Our phones go uncharged and

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Keep Track of Things With Tile

If you’re like me, it’s a small miracle to go a week without misplacing something — wallet, keys, bag, etc. Luckily for us, a new startup aims to eliminate that problem. Funded by Selfstarter, Tile is a small, rounded square that you can stick to (or drop in) something you

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