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8 Things Every Startup Pitch Needs to Attract Investors

The world is crowded with startups and almost all of them searching for a financial infusion from outside investors. It takes much more than a great idea and an impeccable work ethic to separate yourself from the pack and attract serious investors. You will likely only get one shot at

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Sharing The World With Karma Wi Fi

Most data plans are costly and often bulky, making accessing your information whilst away from your home broadband a real struggle. New York startup Karma has set out to revolutionise the way in which we use and share data. With Karma, you pay for data as you go, and take it

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7 Ways To Win the Series A Funding Game

Most entrepreneurs who are pushing through the start-up phase of their new businesses can break out in sweats and become short of breath when they think about the possibility of running out of operating capital. The panic that can set in with rounds of Series A funding is almost unexplainable

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Once you launch your startup, you will find that everyone you meet is a business consultant from your next door neighbor to your Great Aunt Edna. You will never find yourself with so much unwanted advice as you will in the early days of your business. The key to success

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