Electromagnetic Harvester by Dennis Siegel


Dennis Siegel, a digital media student, has developed a small wireless device used to harness electromagnetic fields. The device uses the fields to charge up AA batteries. The use of the ‘Electromagnetic Harvester‘ is straightforward. Holding it up to any electrically charged object gives power to the battery. Whether it be static from a thunderstorm or the waves leaked from an antenna. The energy slowly starts transferring through charging the AA batteries.

Siegel explains his struggle with developing something so complex without much background in engineering. “[It was] really time-consuming and expensive. It was quite hard to find out the correct lengths and coil windings. Especially to make the whole system suitable for a larger field of frequencies.”

The potential for such devices seems immense, and with battery technology showing slow progress there is much promise for the future. There is a long way to go before that energy adds up to something meaningful, with AA batteries becoming obsolete and Siegel’s harvesters charge rate of around one AA battery every 24 hours. But this is still a huge step in the right direction.




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