Lossless Image Compression: Optimus WordPress Plugin Review


Few weeks ago I was contacted by Cody from Optimus.io

I get weekly Emails from various people where they are asking me to review their products but I usually skip this since I am very busy with my projects. On the other hand Optimus lossless image compression plugin looked like something I needed for one of my projects.  I tried it and it worked as promised, so here are my thoughts about it.

Optimus is a plugin designed to compress huge files while retaining their image quality. The application targets a lossless compression of the media that is uploaded to WordPress but at the same time ensures that your data remains protected. The objective is to ensure that the visual appearance of the images is not altered.

By slimming down the original image and all preview images, Optimus provides optimum optimization to the uploaded images. The biggest advantage with Optimus as compared to other similar software like Photoshop, ImageOptim, Joegmin and TinyPNG is that they only treat the original images whereas Optimus compresses all preview images including thumbnails. In addition, these other programs are heavier, slower and more unreliable. When other software reduce file size, they tend to change the image quality. Optimus retains the quality but in fact optimizes the original images automatically. It also offers quick image loading through progressive compression. Optimus is compatible with WordPress Multisite and WooCommerce.

Optimus has years of experience in image optimization. Some of the major benefits that can be derived from Optimus include smaller images resulting in increased page speed and improved page loading times. Users do not need any source code and template changes. The plugin is supported by WordPress Mobile Apps and Windows Live Writer.

optimus plugin

There are no hidden fees and no automatic renewals when you use Optimus. Users do not have to get registered and once they obtain the license, they have the flexibility of using the key for all private projects. For those interested in customer projects, they can take advantage of Optimus HQ Pro.

In today’s technologically advanced market, acquiring a competitive edge can be fairly challenging. Optimus makes it possible for users to create accelerating websites that will ensure greater customer satisfaction and improved rankings.

Users can use the free vision of Optimus as well as the paid versions Optimus HQ and Optimus HQ PRO. The paid versions offer increased limits and additional file formats. In most cases, the free version runs in WordPress without any problems but if you find that you need additional formats, you can always purchase Optimus HQ. With Optimus HQ PRO you have the additional advantage of using the plugin on customer websites. The fixed free for using Optimus HQ for a year is only $29. That is quite reasonable when compared with other similar services such as TinyPNG, Kraken, and WP Smush which usually charge customers on a month-to-month basis.

Optimus does not use lossy image compression. Therefore, users get the benefit of losses image optimization. This optimization is dependent on the amount of metadata per image. If more metadata can be removed from an image, the more reduced the file size will be and the greater the optimization. Also, with Optimus, if the optimization rate is low, the plugin automatically converts JPEC images to advantageous progressive JPEGs.

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