Relax like a bird


Daniel Pouzet and Fred Frety of Paris produced this sturdy and luxurious over-sized birds’ nest. The ‘Nestrest‘, built from sturdy fibers and soft touch fabrics, shelters you from the elements of the exterior whilst giving you the outdoor experience that you are seeking. Nestrest is ideal for relaxing and enjoying your natural surroundings. It is easily attachable to a branch of a sturdy tree and it gives a shaded place to rest on a hot summer’s day. The Nestrest is easily customisable with a chalk or natural finish and a choice of furnishings.
Daniel and Fred developed this idea after a break exploring Costa Rica with their family. They told us how the concept came about:

“You never see these types of bird nests in Europe. The kids were amazed that life could live in these kind of shapes. It was not an idea of a product, but instead, just having fun with shapes.” – Daniel Pouzet and Fred Frety

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