Semantic Symbol Fonts


The ingenious team over at Oak have created Symbolset. Designed for you to rid your vector and clip art symbols, Symbolset instead moulds them straight into a single and beautiful typeface. The sleek glyphs and type result in faster loading on web pages and cleaner code.

“There’s a magical moment when typing a keyword becomes an image. Finding icons in a traditional icon font is a chore. Designers eyeball the glyphs panel, a panel not included in Photoshop, and hunt. Our keywords are human-friendly.”

With the symbols being part of the typeface they work great for desktop and mobile retina displays.Oak have created a typeface that shows great promise for the future. With over 504 glyphs and many different styles available, this really is a good investment for any designer. Head over to their website and try out the font or take a look at the styles on offer.



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