Structure with crazy ‘Gravity Mystery Spots’


This remarkable work by Julian Hoeber explores the mysterious physics of ‘gravitational mystery spots’. The exhibition, appropriately entitled “Demon Hill 2″, will send your mind and your stomach into a disorientated state. The free standing tilted structure warns visitors that due to its abnormal gravity, visitors may experience dizziness and nausea. The exhibition is set up in such a way that allows the mind and the body to be tricked by the tilted structure, whilst the gravity spots move and hold you in positions you will of never experienced before.

According to the exhibit website:

“[Demon Hill 2] DH#2, a free-standing structure based on the architecture of “gravitational mystery spots”, a kind of American roadside attraction. Mystery spots usually lay claim to being sites of supernatural power or geological anomaly to explain a severe effect of disorientation and vertigo for the visitor, when in truth these effects are the result of an architectural trick.”




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